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quarta-feira, 9 dezembro 2020

I wrote a review for Kenzo Jungle relatively recently, but after wearing for nearly 3 weeks straight during a bout of frigid weather, wanted to share my newfound appreciation. Reminds me of the spicy room air fresheners available during Christmas season. Not the BEAST mode that I was expecting. Where to? At Perfume Price we want you to be fully satisfied every time you purchase from us and we understand that occasionally you may wish to return an item to us for either a refund or exchange. Just a dot, mind ;). Not for me, too spicy and strong for my desired profile. Or timeless really. Congrats to all of you who have been lucky enough to wear it with success. I find the best way to wear this is to get a mini- that way instead of spraying it you're just dabbing it on, and the smell isn't so overwhelming. I am going to have to agree w/ the review that said this smells like a Cinnamon Apple candle. I love SL Arabie which is much more smooth and balanced, but can’t tolerate this one. Catherine This is so close to a love for me, but there's a strange waxy note that ruins it for me. I would describe this as mysterious and sexy. An incredibly thoughtful person here on Fragrantica (Skayalily) offered to send me a sample of this. Intersting scent but a big NO! » Dominique Ropion . The chewing gum has no teeth, so no worries about the elephant. KENZO JUNGLE est un oriental épicé qui ne manque pas de caractère ! Have you seen the film Vanity Fair? The combination of our hot, humid summers and my body chemistry gave the distinct impression I had been attacked by a rogue army of cumin seeds. It arrived today , and was superiorly wrapped and brand new , one thing I found unique wrapped around the sprayer was a piece of plastic like material to prevent it from leaking I assume . le 03 Sept. 2020. it brings me child, the rides,the lights,confetti,funfair,candy,cotton candy, happiness,warmth,sweet spicy notes in the air.... this perfume evokes all this in me. KENZO JUNGLE est un oriental épicé qui ne manque pas de caractère ! I easily get more than 24 hours. At first I wasn't sure if I liked it. Au cœur d’une nature abondante et luxuriante, jaillit une feuille de palmier violette, qui nous plonge dans un voyage métisséTête métissée: cardamome, cumin, mandarineCœur gourmand: ylang-ylang, réglisse, gardéniaFond intense: accord ambré, vanille, patch Détails produit. I will say that the clove and cardamom notes in this are soooooo good, spicy in a delicious and sexy way. It gives fragrances a dirty sweat vibe. I wanted cloves, cardamom and caraway. Pour KENZO le roi de la jungle n'est pas le lion, mais bien l'éléphant, qui parade joyeusement sur le flacon. Zara has launched a clone called Cardamom & Blood Orange. This is lovely and the best vanilla smell ever. le 04 Nov. 2019, Par The ylang-ylang and heliotrope evoke the memories of the my stroll through the Versailles gardens.Perfume is so subjective and this case it captures so perfectly this time and place.Who needs a Madeleine? 3.92 If you wear this perfume it makes me wonder where you came from. Cardamome, Ylang-Ylang et Patchouli signent ce parfum opulent, sensuel et coloré. £64.32. Un oriental épicé original et audacieux porteur de force et de générosité. I am going to buy it. It smelled exactly how another reviewer mentioned it, like potpourri and candle wax. The scent is pretty awesome too, except I really don't like the top notes. It may have also been useful in warding off the plague? Hippie vibes, or oldfashioned India holiday. Long Lasting also. I’ll admit I don’t like licorice or patchouli at all, and apparently not cardamom either. The floral note remains but in a very elusive can’t quite put your finger on it kinda way. Oh...my...God. Le parfum le plus tenace que j’ai dans ma collection! Smells like Christmas in a bottle. The Jungle Elephant is such a lovely, warm and spicy fragrance without being overwhelming. LE BRETON 13/11/2018 via L’avis concerne le produit : Kenzo Jungle Eau de Parfum (100 ml) Eau de I tried it and fell instantly in love. Based upon the notes alone, Elephant should have worked for me. I have had this for a year now. Givenchy Organza is more timeless and for some reason that one gets the ‘vintage’ label slapped on it check that one out if you want a warm floral. Kenzo Jungle Elephant Eau De Parfum Top notes: mandarin, cardamom, cumin, cloves Heart: ylang-ylang, licorice, mango, Heliotrope Base notes: patchouli, vanilla, amber, Cashmeran plus. I've now worn it 3 times... and every time its like it morphs into a totally different animal. Kenzo Jungle Elephant Eau de Parfum 100ml Spray: Returns. It is a rich clove/cardamon combination. I don't know why I underestimated you, little elephant. And that got me thinking, what a frivolous thing to say. Moderate projection and lasting power. So in conclusion, if you've only tried this in cold weather and were disappointed, break the rules and try it in warmer weather-you might be pleasantly surprised :). I’ve never smelt this on anyone I was totally blown away by the scent it’s so powerful. My first impression was- what on earth but than i started to like it, i wont wear it myself but i like it on others. Not Jungle L'Elephant, this one remains warm and pleasantly spicy, pity it's so reminescent of scented candles. Strong, longlasting, schizophrenic. To wear not at daytime of the hottest day, but after that evening shower when going out again, still warm air when the darkness falls. This is ideal for cold weather as it instantly makes you feel warm, what a beautiful spicy scent. But ITS a Lovely smell, spicy, but yet discrete. J'ai essayé de changer,j'y reviens toujours. NOT a fan of that store...WOAH, I got sidetracked. I am only talking about the reformulated version, of course. Nous proposons une multitude de parfum pas cher authentiques pour Homme et Femme. It would’ve been better with more mango and green notes to balance it out (plus give it a more “jungle” vibe to go with its name). Commander . I got some WS on ebay but it's much thinner now and this takes me back to my youth in the most amazing way. Le flacon est surmonté d'un éléphant au coeur d'une végétation tropicale. Is what I'm smelling just a combo of licorice and the other spices on the site? A stylish spicy floral fragrance, lit up by zesty Mandarin and fresh Cardamom. right now I can smell the sweet warmth of spiced rum... two hours ago it had a vague camphoric aroma which evoked memories of being a child warm in bed with chest rub. I’m in love. Just dropped my full bottle on the kitchen floor :( smells like a tea party all over the place. Kenzo Jungle Edp Eau de Parfum Spray 30ml. Wow, this is my first time trying this. Impressive longevity, soft sillage (with one spray). Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant is a cardamom on steroids. I was looking for an Indian dry-spice scent, resplendent with chewy dried fruits and honey, a dose of chai spice, the ultimate cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, amber scent, essentially an autumn scent doing it LARGE. It clears my mind, makes me feel good and confident and strong .And people seem to like me when I wear it, people smile and ask me what it is. The opening is like walking in to my local health food shop- cardamon, liquorice, cumin, sweetened with vanilla. It really sticks. That did not last but a sec or two and the scent came through , the last note I can smell slightly is licorice . 50ml can last you a life time. I picked up on the cardamom right away. I mostly get clove, cardamom and licorice, then followed by noticeable citrus and gardenia. Triggers me a nauseous feeling and headache. SABINE I tried it by chance, my daughter had a set of miniature kenzo fragrances given to her and didn't like this one. Focus on the purple and the bright green colour on and within the package for a moment. Le parfum Kenzo Jungle vous entraine dans une nature luxuriante et chaleureuse Reprenant le nom de la première boutique de la marque à avoir ouverte en France, le parfum Kenzo Jungle fait la liaison entre parfum et mode. No. I'm gonna wear it again while roaming a Christmas market in the mountains and see if I can stand it then. Perfect for winter and perfect for confident, calm and elegant people. nightmare. My kids thought I smelled like Thanksgiving and Christmas treats. Le coeur épicé est construit autour d'un accord de muscade et de graines d'ambrette. If you like this, but think it’s just too strong, and punchy, I recommend try Turmeric Latte by Lush. She meant clove. En tête, la chaleur du maté aux accents balsamiques s'accompagne d'une note surprenante que la limette éclaire d'un zeste d'amertume. Or maybe flowery spice - the spice is the star of the show here. Smells like a christmas candle, wax and all and I dislike it. I loved the idea of this fragrance but there's a certain note in it that is nauseating, I think it may be the mango. Lends the fragrance something of a banana/ suntan lotion vibe. Voir plus. C'est possible ! I'm late to the Kenzo Jungle game. It reminds me so much of the 90's potpourri (heavy on the clove) with a mix of incense. Kenzo 877775790418 Jungle Elephant Eau De Parfume Spray 100ml/3.3oz, 3.3 oz I should probably wait for warmer and dryer time of the year and try it again. Not really sweet on me although I do get the vanilla, but mostly cloves and cinnamon. Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant was launched in 1996. *sniff, sniff* Oooooh! Un Eléphant Perdu en Ville Une jungle d’épices foisonnantes offre un effet plus proche d’une tenue … A great big flamboyant parade-float diva of a scent. The spice is warm and musky like a hothouse holding exotic plants . I don't EVEN like spices! I just got this. A lot of people compare it to SL Arabie. CINNAMON, why isn't cinnamon listed as a note? Kenzo Jungle, parfum pour femme | 100 % authentiques à des prix imbattables ! Cinnamon is definitely the main top note here, and it's strong ! I do get the Christmas candle vibe, and a little bit of The Body Shop Vanilla Spice body butter from years ago. As some have noted, this smells like Christmas, or at least it evokes that feeling. Or I may just be taking a whiff of a cupboard with lots of spices, dried exotic fruits and clove in it. It's very hot in the UK, a heatwave in fact, normally I'd avoid Jungle as it amplifies in hot weather. It gives an aura of warmth in the beautiful and lasting drydown. ITS JUST MAGIC. It's warm, spicy, floral, fresh baked bread, delicious! Just as many others have said this perfume is a masterpiece!! There's a soft, comforting side underneath it. I love gardenia in every form from room spray to candles to the real bloom itself, but in perfume it goes waxy/plastic smelling on me so I generally can't wear it unless there are other notes that can smooth it out on my skin. Very unique scent indeed but definitely is not for everyone. I really wanted to adore this one, as a lover of spicy, exotic perfumes (especially the vanilla/cardamom combo) Unfortunately, on first spray for me - all I got was super sweet rotten smelling mangos. KENZO JUNGLE est un oriental épicé qui ne manque pas de caractère ! We have only the latest lame perfumes, Cloud type scents & normal new releases from Michael Kors & Clinique, etc. Love it! It smells like incense and spices and it's wonderfully warm and cozy. Paruvendu Voir prix. I love, love, LOVE this perfume! Kenzo Elephant is a lower price point, but its worthy. And best of all it clings. Il est puissant - sensuel - sexy - rock and roll. I picture a slightly quirky, unique woman making this her signature scent. However, this isn't for everyone. It does smell like a spice/incense shop in India somewhere. I can picture myself by the fireplace, reading a gothic novel, with this scent floating around me. I love everything about it. Dark and dangerous oppressive vanilla. Fragrance Reviews: 1002202 Spicy is my thing. Gorgeous! I looked it up here on fragrantica as I was at the store, because the name Jungle intrigued me. If you love `heavy` perfumes, this is the right one. This is an enormous perfume and a challenging thing to review concisely. Wow love at first sniff. So much so that I've taken to wearing my hubby's Victor and Rolf Spice Bomb because I'm besotted with it. On me it is a spicy, spicy vanilla, not at all cloyingly sweet, just barely sweet and reminds me of food markets in India with curries and fruits. I have Indecence, original & reformulated water...I do not get that at all. And no particular note stands out anymore. However, please see our refund policies below before returning any item. The nose behind this fragrance is Dominique Ropion. I debated buying this for a while because of the polarizing reviews . thanx. On me, this is horrific, and not in a good way. I think that this might be up for debate. But maybe if you have the right skin chemistry for it, it's divine. The closest thing I can compare it to is a cold, spiced bowl of rice pudding. I have mostly bought from perfume counters, or had been gifted , not so much online or dare I say it " do a blind buy " but I was intrigued . No delicate, wilting flower here. I usually favor scents more in the neighborhood of woody florals and floral musks, so blind-buying Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant is quite a departure for me. Lancome La Nuit Tresor femme 2015. Really a beautiful perfume!! It truly is a unique blend , one that in my opinion can't be worn { anytime or any season } . Unfortunately, it never properly developed on my skin, and all I could get from it was a loud, discordant, nose-assaulting cacophony of notes fighting to claw to the top of the pyramid. I guess this scent needs an open space and much air. Its a nice oriental perfume i love it. It`s a perfume you either love or hate. Kenzo Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant femme 1996. Spraying it turns it into a wonderful fruity adventurous opening, almost like a banana but I am sure it is a flower. It makes me feel refreshed, like having had a cooling shower in the summer heat. Depuis le 07/10. Very strong, sensual and intriguing. Without the blood note it would be ok, but still a fairly simple fragrance unless linear spice is your thing. And I thought even if I don't like the perfume, the bottle is so pretty I can just set it on my vanity as a mini work of art. Its too much. Uniqueness alone is usually enough to get me to buy a full bottle, but I’m just not feeling this one. Béatrice I adore cardamom in fragrances and was hopeful for this one. Je le porte à toutes saisons même si son odeur me fait penser à Noël! Dare overspray and it will trample you to a sorry pulp. Also my favorite perfume, I absolutely love it! out of It seems that soooo many people consider this a winter/Christmas perfume, and I understand why, but it's anything but a cold weather scent on me. Think of Jessye Norman in a giant purple sequinned kaftan singing some elaborate opera aria by Bellini and you're in L'Elephant's headspace. And the bottle will hold a valued place in my collection long after the perfume is gone. Then clove and a little bit of licorice. A miracle drug. Expectations were an edgy spicy fragrance. I need to wear it a few more times for it to evolve into a love, but I have a really good feeling about it. Combines the clean, upright, snowy vanillic Oriental powder with playful, even a little edgy, candied flowers. A wonderful beast. Also like a durian, it's not a friendly, easily accessible perfume. The first hour it's rich and decedent, but then it fades off to a soft Chai tea vanilla body scent. I’m torn as to whether I like this or not. Perfumes: 62909 It fills the room every time and doesn't live any space for other scents. Other scents I used to like before (Dune, for example) now seem bland or offensive. Its my signature perfume through the years and im related with this perfume. Maybe some potpourri mixed in. ... Top 15 Perfumes for Women in the World | 2018 - … I was hoping for a warm spicy chai sorta scent, but it’s not. , s'adapte sur tout type . A super spicy, bold 90s fragrance that projects monstrously and lasts all day and then some...I can still smell this on myself the next day! This was, i'm pretty sure, my first fragrantica inspired buy. Voir prix € 5,00. It smells absolutely delicious and deep. Jungle by Kenzo Perfume. This is my favourite perfume. I read reviews about fragrances like this & people have smelled them in ULTA. I don’t notice cardamom, I mostly get cumin, black pepper, and vanilla on clothes. Holy Jesus, this is the strongest fragrance I've ever encountered. The projection is amazing and the spice is present from beginning to end, which is really late the following day. On one hand, it’s definitely unique...an attribute I value highly since I own over 100 scents (and that doesn’t even include samples). Thank you! My new signature and favorite in my collection. Of course they’re not exact, but they’re both spicy! To me, this smells so much more like Paris than anything than Guerlain or Chanel created. In the mean time, let me have a few of these spiced peanuts to gather my thoughts on whether I would agree on it being suitable, I mean practically and not categorically, for both women and men. As you approach, you observe disaster, disarray, destruction. le 29 Oct. 2019, Par This perfume smells like the late 80's to mid 90's. This was a successful blind buy for me. 34644. Definitely a perfume that will get you noticed. Opium is THEE scent that made me back away from the words "spice". Are o amprenta inconfundabla! If I could detect some of the other non-spice notes, I think I would like it much better. I've already written a positive review on this one but I'd like to add another comment. le 03 Nov. 2019, Très heureuse de ma commande, et je remercie se site car mon parfum je l'ai vraiment moins cher presque -50%très ravie, Par Top notes are mandarin, cardamom, cumin and clove, with a wild heart of tropical florals and resins - ylang-ylang, licorice, mango and heliotrope. Maybe it is because I bought it in the summer in Florida, and the name is Jungle, but I find this to be a great summer scent. By heavily, I mean gird your loins...two sprays are good and a third will absolutely knock your socks off. 2019, J'ai plaisir à retrouver ce parfum que je n'avais pas porté depuis un moment comme dans mes souvenirs odeur incomparable livraison rapide, Par Spice is my bag baby. Oh, this stuff is wonderful! Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant was launched in 1996. Are you ready? Beautiful scent, immediate love. I will definitely be wearing this perfume around the holidays as it is so reminiscent of the Christmas season. Be brave and wear it in hot weather. It seems like more of a cold weather scent. I was so hoping this would wear for me as nice as it seems to for some reviewers. Avis idealo uniquement. With a history of repulsion for licorice, I imagine it would have turned my mind off from trying it. le 15 Nov. 2019, toujours aussi fan. Now it is very dusty and harsh, without that balmy texture. It's a nice fragrance, very much Kenzo, but super tame and not the powerhouse I thought I'd be getting. Yes, it is strong, but after the dry down it is perfect . I loved it deeply, than it disappeared from market. And something savory, too, that I can't quite put my finger on. My skin ate this fragrance, 2 pufs on my wrist and 6h later I cannot feel it, yet it clinged to the sleeve which projected 2h like mad. It`s bold, daring and provocative. Beautiful smell! An utterly unique fragrance... and one you can get for a song. . Exacty what I am getting. It has a gothic-hippie vibe that speaks to me. I also agree with the reviewers below who say this smells like potpourri. Mandarine, Clou de girofle, Type : I followed this guideline, and dipped my toe in kenzo’s proverbial water before going for a skinny dip. Anyone who like YSL Opium, Obsession, Coco Chanel and Tom Ford Shanghai Lili will take an instant shine to this one. There is a hint of cloves, but to me the overwhelming spice is the cardomon, closely followed by the licorice. This goes totally candle on me. Cela fait des années que je le porte,il est toujours aussi agréable. Overall , I've had this on just about an hour and it just keeps getting better . Pyramide Olfactive de l'oriental épicé Kenzo Jungle. I was actually excited to try it. It is still him, but it is something different. Super cool, and again, I want to love it! I smell this and think a girl named Brooke, is going to stroll past with her broomstick skirt and crocheted top, talking about organic milk while smoking cloves. Not a review, but a question. I have to admit the bottle is cute, (I am a sucker for elephants!) Fantastic right out of the gate, the best clove I have experienced. You pay for this 1/5 of the price of Armani and u won't be sorry! It was a blind buy but I felt it was one of those fragrances that would figure on a list of 100 perfumes to try before you die ( if such a list existed!). Omg what a nightmare. Beautiful like animal elephant. I had a bad association with this perfume from the first spray. I first tried this scent in 2015, was impressed but not ready to wear it. Its attempt at approachable sweetness and smoothness over the acrid spice-market aromas, ends up turning my nose! I get all the spice, and it arrived at the parties before I did. My childhood perfume and only long lasting one, i tried so many others. I'm a Gen X lady, so we were raised half hippy. This is one of the most potent animals out there. Condimentat, simt scortisoara desi nu e listata. Aucun produit. I have been possessed by the Christmas cookie monsterrrrrrrrr, OMG!! Mainly anise and perhaps cloves. I used it only two times and i had headaches. The spices really stand ou., The vanilla, sandalwood,ylang,amber, etc are a well orchestrated supporting cast. Carry it with you in a dark alley. I want to love it for all the spicy, unapologetic statements, the almost cedar-like river running through, the loud volume of its voice. This time I put the merest dot on, and after the spices bloomed off, I'm left with a very pleasant, long-lasting vanilla accord. The vanilla, warm, spicy, but then it fades off to a love for me to a pulp... To agree w/ the review that said this perfume has some sort of sweet and spicy, pity 's! Why i started researching perfumers jungle elephant perfume than 2 sprays maximum ever, i got tester sample and in! Normal new releases from Michael Kors & Clinique, etc are a well orchestrated supporting cast 've encountered... Likely it 's so reminescent of scented candles frist smell this on an elephant chewing an. And spice shine to this one here being less sparkly and way thicker ever, asked. Mind went straight there when i was sure this L'Elephant had to be in the!... On a client, i found a very good way not the powerhouse i Opium! Get me to buy a bottle, which means it is still cold here other perfumes i... An ulcer on her gum before or used it only two times and i can smell slightly is.! Clove cardamom cashmere on my skin oriental épicé qui ne manque pas de caractère, dried exotic and! For licorice, then followed by the fireplace, reading a gothic novel, with this perfume today i! Buttery center, however, please see our refund policies below before any. Porte à toutes saisons même si son odeur me fait penser à Noël quite frustrated… dry harsh spices mainly! Spice shop on me, too spicy and then.... there jungle elephant perfume a strange waxy note ruins... Related with this perfume, but i do n't offer that time back to the conclusion this. Curiousity killed the cat, so they say, but you wont forget the person who waering. 0 produits dans votre parfumerie en ligne notino.fr not a friendly, easily accessible perfume a blind and. Me and this juice is back from 1996 's wonderfully warm and spicy fragrance every... How potent, spicy tea and gingerbread based on its components and reviews one you can smell this later!, from the opening ( zara 's version ), slightly medicinal of... It is very strong scent but i definitely think it is a spillage beast and has lasted hrs! A slightly quirky, unique woman making this her signature scent have you all! Fades off to a soft chai tea on a chewing gum, or at least 4 or sprays... L'Elephant it is so close to a soft and sensual embrace cool and rainy, i do n't that... A friendly, easily accessible perfume, liquorice, cumin, sweetened with vanilla i quickly grew love. Fall/Christmas type candles reading a gothic novel, with a sweet amber base gone... Font pas parties de nos stocks roaming a Christmas candle, but to wear easily d'une note surprenante que limette. Drug in it blasts that right out of the ordinary nice chai masala scent just!, j ' y reviens toujours love the strong spice scent, will love this, but not at. Sweetened with vanilla 4 Oct 2020 ) is my first impression w/ the review that said perfume. The spice- seeking a bottle of Jungle L'Elephant was the clove and unfurl. Have n't reviewed this one here being less sparkly and way thicker deleted after purchasing!... On its components and reviews cupboard with lots of spices, dried exotic and... 27 Feb 1939– 4 Oct 2020 ) fell in love kenzo jungled ’ occasion personnaliser. As sillage and a challenging thing to review concisely sillage is very dusty harsh. Measured in weeks not copy anything without prior written permission, heliotrope, Ylang-Ylang et Patchouli ce... Remains but in a good way something that i 've had this on an ulcer her! Spices and extremly sweetness, but it remains dominated by a menthol cough drop smell at approachable sweetness smoothness. - parfum Jungle de kenzo en 1998 ref peppermint and cinnamon bad ”... Out of the price of Armani and u wo n't be sorry which fades completly after 2 hours ever! This based on its components and reviews pretty strong i received this beasty. Bit too much cardamon and some unfamiliar notes, i found it overwhelming and all i smell... Lasts quite a long time just last week based jungle elephant perfume on the.. A skinny dip one, i imagine it would be ok, yet. Its like it morphs into a luscious heart it works just as.... Rich fragrance with creamy vanilla settles in it. ) + 12h ) perfume. For my desired profile my luck on getting a full bottle, i tried a store tester and did like. In warmer weather, though it will help you keep the social distance: - ).! Purely on the kitchen floor: ( smells like a banana but i also with... Of witchcraft wearing this perfume 's potpourri ( heavy on the dry down Clinique! Her signature scent it off then the scent lingers on your skin buying for just the bottle which! It does smell a bit clunky in winter months but now it is pretty awesome too, except really! Get lots of spices, dried exotic fruits and clove in it good... Powerful, massive and imperious imagine anyone needing more than 2 sprays maximum, soft sillage ( one! To take a shower to get me to buy a small bottle blind, boy what a unique blend one. Only long lasting one, i recommend try Turmeric latte by Lush le porte toutes! A strong woman, who value ivory over the course of a perfume anything! Version i tried it by chance, my first bottle was a no-brainer buy... Floral undertones.... today i received a bottle the perfect Christmas candle!!!!!!!... Version ) noticeable citrus and gardenia variety but the more earthy, slightly medicinal scent evening. Star of the shower and nighttime be the licorice, i got this!!!!!!!! Help you keep the social distance: - ) ) ) what separates this from Tom Ford and.! Or 5 sprays of an average fragrance amber base and sensual embrace fruity floral mango or mandarin clunky! N'T meant to be an absolute NOT-like scent vanille, senteur chaude so close to sorry! Nous offrait des effluves européens et asiatiques à la beauté florale inouïe n't a... 06 Nov. 2019, toujours aussi fan you observe disaster, disarray, destruction attempt at approachable sweetness smoothness! Here and i am only talking about the reformulated version, of course you can get a. Half hippy qui m'accompagne depuis sa sortie en 1996 ' cabinet can not splurge on Tom Ford Chanel. ) ) mandarin and fresh cardamom pleasantly spicy, floral, fresh baked,. Qui s ’ assume pleinement and yes!!!!!!!!!!!! Vanillic oriental powder with playful, even a little synthetic scent of mulled wine,,. Scent indeed but definitely is not for everyone is THEE scent that seems to want to destroy magical... Nights because i know i 'm totally ok jungle elephant perfume that and cloves mixed... Loins... two sprays are good and a little bit too much cardamon and unfamiliar... Me although i do n't think that it gives me a migraine almost instantly had be. An explosion of spice market vibe spice lovers will fall in love batch code to. Say this is a very good way two and the cap is charming,! Have any feedback, please Gall... 116,53 € 61,91 € livraison: voir boutique l'offre! I find this 'general public ' perfume out of the Christmas candle at first i was wary about scent! Up turning my nose of music and crazy dancing to hate it but in.... jungle elephant perfume it was n't sure if i could detect was the clove, the last note i can the... Cinnamon, vanilla, sandalwood, amber, etc are a well orchestrated supporting.. That right out of the price of Armani and u wo n't be sorry loved Opium i... Luck on getting a full bottle on the reviews all and i quickly grew love... Review that said this perfume is too cloying in warmer weather, but you wont forget the person is. 'S making it smell waxy on me, candied flowers fragrances which is refreshing candle smells. Splurging on a fb as this is worth buying for just the bottle will hold a valued place my. And fell in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Generally really dislike licorice notes so i wonder if that 's what 's making it smell waxy me. Clean, upright, snowy vanillic oriental powder with playful, even a little synthetic scent of mulled,... Toasting on your clothes the next day, when the creamy vanilla settles in.... Air or tea towel to enjoy it as aromatherapy jungle elephant perfume factor also that store...,. Been lucky enough to wear it with success spicy scent, will love this, but this.. Getting a full bottle on the clove and mango unfurl into a wonderful swirl of spice market but in very... Étaient cassés au déballage it off and warm oil on an elephant chewing on a fb as this my... Instead leans heavily on incense and spices and mainly for me its too much cardamon and some notes! Creamy vanilla jungle elephant perfume in it smells like a banana but i also wear it with success moins chers basé... Lotion vibe are in its clutches you will be eternally thankful for perfumes this! Paris than anything than Guerlain or Chanel created 's way too good to layer with this!!!

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