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Air Brakes - Twin- pipe system of air brakes have been used in Mail/Express/Passenger trains and single- pipe system in our freight trains. F 1 – Selector M.U. By using HFO1234yf the rail vehicle air-conditioning system also complies with the strict criteria of EU Directive 2006/40/EC relating to emissions from air-conditioning systems in motor vehicles. Air does not behave in quite the same manner as water but close enough for the principles relating to the brake system. Trains, buses and tractor-trailers use air-brake systems so they don’t have to rely on the hydraulic fluid in car braking systems, which can run out in the event of a leak. of train systems and t the purpose of the workshop. and extend the principles to compressed air. The air brake system is equipped with supply reser-voirs and air reservoirs for the security brake, each with a dedicated check valve, to secure enough compressed air for braking in the event of the loss of main air reservoir pres-sure due to train separation or other emergencies. -Low air pressure in the brake system (below 60 psi). AIR BRAKE SUB . All of these types of transportation are weighed down by heavy passenger or cargo loads, so safety is of the utmost importance. Indian Railways have employed the following brake systems for its rolling stock : Earlier most of our rolling stock are fitted with AVB ( Automatic Vacuum Brake ). Therefore, the system must be free from presence of air. can absorb water from air, that is why we should avoid opening the car’s brake fluid reservoir and the container of the brake fluid should be tightly sealed. D. Twin Pipe Graduated Release Air Brake System . Its purpose is to set up the locomotive brake system for lead, trail, or dead operation. Air Brake System 2 AIR BRAKE SYSTEM VALVES SL. The major difference is that water in its liquid state cannot be compressed, so we must use a little imagination. The system is in widespread use throughout the world. Over 4000 officials of Indian & Foreign railways have been trained at Escorts facilities, on air Brake systems. The remainder of the paper is structured as follows: Section2describes the dynamics of the train and the air brake. In fact, the 4449 still operates with it's 8-ET system. Distributor valve is the most important functional component of the air brake system and is also sometimes referred to as the heart of the air brake system. Air flows from MR-1 to Duplex check valve, which allows air to outlet when MR pressure becomes more than 5kg/cm2. If a train comes uncoupled, or an air hose bursts, the brakes apply fully and automatically. 3 History 4. Single pipe graduated release air brake system. This air brake system, when fully charged, is fail safe: Anytime the brake pipe air reduces, the brakes apply. The positions are as follows: CLOSED IN TRAIL To the best of our knowledge, existing ATO techniques do not approach the problem in a systematic way and overlook the hybrid behaviour of the air brake. Mitsubishi Electric Transportation Systems: Train Systems: Mitsubishi Electric delivers overall optimized control for train systems by incorporating the Train Control and Management System (TCMS) as the main component. 8.2 CHARGING During this stage, brake pipe is charged to 5kg/cm2 pressure which in turn charges control reservoir and auxiliary reservoir to 5 kg/cm2 pressure via distributor valve. The 26-L Brake Equipment is a combination automatic and independent locomotive brake of modern design which incorporates all of the operating features necessary for the control of freight and passenger train braking systems. 4), The. 2. by the driver's brake . The air brake is the standard, fail-safe, train brake used by railways all over the world. The compressed air is supplied to the brake pipe and feed pipe from the locomotive. The directive requires the use of a refrigerant with a GWP lower than 150 in mobile air-conditioning systems using fluorinated greenhouse gases. Description of the system FP System is charged 6kg/cm2 through MR pipe and Feed valve. -If remote mounted brake valve, check linkage. ASSEMBLIES 3.1 Distributor Valve . April’2000. 3.16 “dynamic brake” means a train braking system whereby the kinetic energy of a moving Bleeding is the process of removal of air from the braking In spite of what you might think ... Schematic of air brake system. In the case of straight air brake system, the increase of air pressure in the pipe de termines the increase -Wrong size actuators and/or slack adjusters. The five main components of an “elementary” air brake system and their purposes are the compressor, reservoir, foot valve, brake chambers, and brake shoes and drums or brake rotors and pads.. You must have an Endorsement A specified on your licence to operate a vehicle equipped with an air brake system. air brake system, or any auxiliary pressurized air systems, make certain to drain the air pressure from all reservoirs before beginning ANY work on the vehicle. Notice that if this air brake system has been fully charged, it is "fail safe". Operation, used as gate valve 5. Figure 1. The Fig. 5. MU-2A VALVE The MU-2A valve is located on the lower left hand side of the air brake stand. The compressed air is transmitted along the train through a "brake pipe". The 8-ET is the system that the Southern Pacific GS-4's were equipped with. two systems: an air brake system and a dynamic brake system. Before 1872 a piston like plate was used on the train wheel for continue the braking system. Feed Pipe system is introduced to reduced the release time after brake application in air brake trains. 2.) To increase a train's stopping time Westinghouse equipped each car with its own air reservoir (tank). Also DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluids eat paint. must be bailed off for 4 seconds per loco motive in the consist AND until the brake pipe air quits exhausting. This equip ment employs as the major components a 26-C Brake Valve, a 26-F Releasing the Brakes Reading Air Brake Diagrams TP2006 September 2001 4 PART I: PARTS OF AN AIR BRAKE DIAGRAM The design of any air brake valve is more easily understood by recognizing some major components and parts. Hydraulic fluid isn't. 1.0 . They can react badly with each other and corrode the brake system. The air brake(AB) is the versatile fail-safe mechanism used by railways all over the world.The functioning of air brake system is based on physical properties of compressed air. These systems are known as "Air Brakes" or "Pneumatic Brakes". That is, anytime the brake pipe air reduces, the brakes apply. 3.14 “conventional train” means a train with the brake pipe air supplied from the controlling locomotive only. A9. A variant, the automatic vacuum brake system, became almost universal in British train equipment and in those countries influenced by British practice. Thus if a train comes uncoupled or an air hose bursts, the brakes apply fully, automatically. The more efficient electric command air brake system was introduced around 1970, and is used in recent shinkansen and narrow-gauge EMU trains. release air. -Brake valve delivery pressure below normal. CHAPTER 8 – AIR BRAKE SYSTEM WAGON MAINTENANCE MANUAL Page 3 of 109 A. SA 9 Independent Brake Valve Brake Application for Loco alone 3. 3. Air is everywhere. Operation, used as gate valve 4. Brakes Apply Too Slowly -Brakes need adjusting or lubricating. Our creation of system platforms for the collection and utilization of train monitoring data in cooperation with wayside equipment enables us to also realize CBM Basic Principles of Air Brake Systems Figure 3 shows the arrangement of an automatic air brake system. Some of the air Brake Valves designed and developed by Escorts have been standardized by Indian railways. This fail-safe air brake system is based upon a design patented by George Westinghouse on March 5, 1872. W. or Additional C 2. A vacuum is created in the pipe by an ejector or exhauster. The vacuum brake system is controlled through a brake pipe connecting a brake valve in the driver's cab with braking equipment on every vehicle. When air enters, into the brake system and any brake line is disconnected, bleeding of brakes has to be done. The vast majority of trains use compressed air, changing the level of air pressure in the brake pipe determining a change in the state of the brake on each vehicle. Pocket book on Air Brake System for Drivers & Guard . Pneumatic braking systems use compressed air as the force used to push blocks on to wheels. His design utilized a triple valve system which included a piston valve, slide valve, and graduating valve. A. Piston The piston is the heart of the control valve. brake system is more suitable for passenger coaches. George Westinghouse invented triple valve and on got patented on March 5, 1872 and on this todays air brake system of train is based INTRODUCTION The air brake is the standard, fail-safe, train brake used by railways all over the world. 3. The amount of braking depends upon the amount the system is charged however. 3.15 “Department” means the Department of Transport. valve. C 2. Charging stage Fig. Complete overhauling and testing facilities have been set up at various locations to meet customer requirements. Automatic Valve Brake application for Loco as well as formations. Vaccum Brake System The vacuum brake is a braking system employed on trains and introduced in the mid-1860s. After some time he received a patent for an automatic air brake on April 13, 1869. pressure, in addition to the 25 psi already there, for a total of 37.5 psi brake cylinder pressure. MU – 2B M.U. The gas properties for air are considered as ideal gas, this model holds since the system works at pressure If the vehicle is equipped with an ADIS® air dryer system or a dryer reservoir module, be sure to drain the purge reservoir. NO DESCRIPTION PURPOSE 1. Following the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended In twin pipe graduated release air brake system (Fig. An Air Brake is a conveyance braking system actuated by compressed air. -Failure of part of a dual air system. Since air is compressible so any presence of air inside brake lining does not allow to transmit brake force to apply brakes. Brake pipe is charged to 5 kg/cm. Changing the level of air pressure in the pipe causes a change in the state of the brake on each vehicle. The Westinghouse air brake system; a complete and strictly up-to-date treatise containing detailed descriptions and explanations of all the various parts of the Westinghouse air brake, including the 8 1/2 inch cross-compound air pump. brake blocks or pads, generating braking/releasing actions and forces. Note, not all valves have all the components shown and described in this booklet. High-speed train pneumatic braking system with wheel-slide protection device : ... We introduce the main components of the brak-ing system in . Brake pipe and feed pipe on consecutive coaches in the train are coupled to one another by means of respective hose couplings to form a continuous air passage from the locomotive to the rear end of the train. Ver. Union Pacific's 800 Class 4-8-4s were also outshopped with this air brake schedule. brake system, twin pipe graduated release air . Air Brakes are also used on the locomotive. It is based on the simple physical properties of compressed air. In operation, there was only one difference between the 8-ET and 6-ET systems. None of the different types of brake fluids should be mixed. 2.

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