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The acoustic guitar's 3/4 size makes it an ideal travel companion. The Cordoba Mini. The Cordoba Mini M Travel Acoustic Guitar is an ultimate travel instrument, it’s a perfect companion for road trips, holidays, and for hanging out to have more fun. Being a mini dreadnought means that it is well, mini. The sound is good without being great but again, this isn’t always the primary reason people buy travel guitars. On first appearance, it looks the part with its well constructed all mahogany body, that has been enhanced with … And yes it may supersede a standard sized acoustic guitar. Are you looking for a high-quality Taylor guitar, then this guitar is the best choice for you? by Luna Guitars. My reasoning is below but first I want to make sure and point you to my review of the Taylor GS Mini. They are not electrified but, as standard size guitars, all options systems should fit. While it sounds really loud and bright, its pretty messy sounding when you play open chords. I’ve taken this guitar on a couple trips and the bag handles very well. I wouldn’t bother spending any money on it. I've been aware of this company for a couple years now. Scale is 25.5″. Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Travel & Mini Acoustic Guitars at Guitar Center. Thanks! In this article, you will be going to know about the best mini acoustic guitars, and most about the types of mini acoustic guitar feature about each type and the reviews. CP-100 Parlor is really an addition to one of the list of top and impressive guitars. For, the Guitarists that travels a lot, then this is the best choice for them to get the Cordoba Mini M Travel Acoustic Guitar. What I realized is that there are actually some very high quality travel guitars on the market today. Hey Margie (and Josh) I’ve played both the Martins and while those are the top of my list, I keep coming back to a guitar called the Traveler Pro or the Traveler Ultra-lite Acoustic/Electric. Want to enjoy the tone of full-size Acoustic Guitar with a guitar that is in small size? Fender CP-100 Parlor Small Body Acoustic Guitar is made with a laminated spruce top and mahogany back and sides. I think it’s all up to preference. Thanks to Ukulele Music for the shout out! 5.0 of 5 stars. I take mine to the beach with all of my surfing gear and never have any second thoughts about it. I ended up buying both. Sound is secondary. Try Traveler Guitar ( there is NO reason a player should have to play a 3/4 scale neck just to have a GREAT travel guitar, it not only is more difficult but it attacks all the muscle memory players build up. My plan is to hand it down to my son when he’s old enough to want to play. The travel guitar features a Celtic laser etch around the soundhole. Tress MacNeille as Daisy Duck Not taking your more time, let’s talk about the top 6 best Mini Acoustic Guitars. These great Guitar models guarantee’s the more quality of sound with the age of Guitar. You get to try many different guitars, travelers and 3/4 size in this case. my team have found the best deals for you. We make the Vagabond which is quite compact but has a great sound. Anyone of you wants to become a future Guitarist and having the training in it. Includes gig bag. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I spend some time at guitar center demoing the Baby taylor vs the Martin LX1. Excellent. Hi Josh, Curious if you’ve exclusively used light gauge strings during the 10 years per Martin instructions. Those looking for a travel guitar aren’t as concerned about how the guitar sounds plugged in, rather they want something light on the back and light on the wallet. The guitars now cost $400 and up and sound about the same as a non-folding guitar of the same price! The link there has a video review so you can see for yourself how carbon fiber sounds vs a wood travel guitar. It does a great job of keeping the guitar safe while also looking very cool. It even comes with a very nice travel case that offers great padded protection and looks very nice. I am new to guitar. Hello are there different neck lengths for these? This is the mahogany version, but if you click on the link there are also Solid Spruce (lighter wood) and Taylor Swift Signature series versions of … The Luna Muse guitar from the Safari Series is a 3/4 dreadnought travel acoustic that features a mahogany top, back, and sides as well as a Celtic laser etching around the soundhole. Perhaps you’ve never heard of Luna Guitars – frankly I’m not that familiar with them either – but they’ve made a name for themselves in the travel guitar niche with their beautifully-designed Safari series of guitars. If I were to write an article detailing the “Best Mini Guitars” then I would choose the GS over the Baby every time. The travel guitar's 3/4 size makes it an ideal travel companion. It also came with a serviceable gig bag. I truly wish you well in your search. It’s a standard OOO size but folds in half–the neck hinges away. Please check out our Stewart full scale collapsible travel guitars with backpack carrying case at Before I start sharing my views about each guitar and their listing their features, I would like to share about what actually mini acoustic guitar is? I have a little Martin LX1E and a Martin steel string backpacker and love both. You did not mention VOYAGE-AIR guitars. Cutaway is available for a bit more and they come in a case that can fit in the overhead. I saw a member of Willie Nelson’s tribute band play what appeared to be a 12 string backpacker style guitar (Martin?). As a musician, it is important to be able to play whenever the mood arises and having a travel guitar allows you to do just that. A big reason for this price difference is name brand. I have a Takamine I bought in the late 70’s. He can get motivation with such a guitar that is modeled after the Pixar Movie – “Coco”. JR1 FG Guitar is the best suitable for the young players, players with small hands, they will love the sound of big acoustic Guitar in this undersize Guitar package. Luna Guitars Muse Safari Series Mahogany 3/4 Dreadnought... 4.5 of 5 stars. Modeled with a simple design, sporting a 20-fret rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays. Compare 7 from $369. I thought I would also add that unlike small acoustic guitars, small solid body electric guitars do not suffer tone loss, are more compact, and sturdier for traveling than acoustic guitars. I want to play guitar to sing songs with kids. Everything is a compromise, but I find the backpacker to be the only (best?) However, it is still just a fraction of the price that you would pay with other carbon fiber guitar manufactures. Thanks . All Used Acoustic Travel Guitars. Like most all of these travel guitars, the Dean Flight is an all-laminate wood guitar made in China. This Guitar is built with natural designs and with good quality of grade woods in order to ensure sustainable and quality sound. The Fender MA-1 is definitely worth looking into. For more details on the series, read my more in-depth review of the Little Martin guitars. They went with carbon fiber for the body due to its strength and then designed the rest of the guitar around it with features to bring you a truly phenomenal sound. I just don’t get all the complaints on having to use the strap. I spend some time at guitar center demoing the Baby taylor vs the Martin LX1. Agreed, I had one for a while and hated it. Russi Taylor (2013–2019) as Minnie Mouse (The episode \"Carried Away\" was Russi Taylor's last role, as she died in 2019.) In addition, there are a number of parlor guitars that might fit your needs. Offerings include acoustic guitars, electric guitars, travel guitars, children's guitars, bass guitars, mandolins, bouzoukis, banjos, & ukuleles. Thanks! The removable neck, durability and impressive sound makes this guitar perfect for my use. Then Yamaha JR1 FG Junior is one of the great choices for you. Luna Safari Muse Guitar is a compact Guitar that delivers the perfect quality of full-size guitar. The body of this Guitar is a mixture of mahogany/Sapele and Top is with Tropical Mahogany. To start I’ll show you a comparison chart and then go into detail with each guitar further below. It’s well-constructed, though, and looks amazing. You’ve missed the Vagabond line of compact guitars, one of the original designs, still handmade in the USA (since 1981), unlike all of the above. The Luna Safari Muse Mahogany is a stunning ¾ travel guitar and also very affordable. I still need to get the action fixed, it buzzes a bit, and maybe put some elixirs on it, … Isn’t it.? In 2011, my dad bought me a Tanglewood Roadster TWRT travel size guitar after i picked it up to play at the store despite the price tag of $150 plus at that time for it’s size n country of origin. The Bottom end is a little lacking, but it's a parlor, not a dreadnought. The Luna Safari Series Guitar also comes with one Gig Bag. Including a collapsible carbon fiber guitar by Journey Instruments. $139.99. Usually, this travel guitar is tuned to A as default tuning, much like many other musical instruments of this size, but it provides the flexibility to be tuned to Standard E tuning. $600. The most astonishing and attractive feature of Luna Aurora Borealis Guitars is its Iconic Crescent moon sound. 15% Off $99+ w/ Code. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); That was only a week ago and there hasn’t been a moment where I’ve regretted purchasing the mini-guitar. Check out the list of top 6 best mini acoustic guitars that fit your needs. Laminated woods, Creates a synthetic sound rather than an authentic tone. These instruments come in ¾ with true sound quality. Bill Farmer as Goofy and Pluto 4. Mine is only a month old, but I hope it stays true. Suitable for small-handed guitar players and as an extra small gigging guitar, it is one guitar you would really love to own. I chose the Baby Taylor over the Martin because I felt it had a little more clarity warmth. Website: I have an Ashton ‘Joey’. Cordoba, the most popular manufacturers of Guitars, Cordoba, has proved by improving the guitar choices with the amazingly modeled Guitar. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. They are full-scale and play and feel like your favorite guitar but you can take it anywhere. looking for Luna Aurora Imagine Mini Acoustic Guitar, Black with the best deals ? I originally ordered this case for my Luna Safari Muse Nylon guitar; it's a bit roomy for the Luna but a little bit of padding on the bout end of the case makes the Safari more secure. There’s no special visual element other than the Dean wings emblem being used as fret markers. Be with us if you are a lover of mini acoustic guitar and want to know what’s new in guitars that exist in 2019. Another excellent travel guitar option is a Little Martin. This Guitar comes in small size so become the best suitable and friendly for younger’s and even for small hands. The reason people might choose the Little Martin over the Baby Taylor is the rich bass sound that they’ve somehow been able to coax out of such a small guitar. This series of Guitars is compact folk instruments that were released after “FG Folk Series” the well-known Guitars of Yamaha. Compromise if ultimate portability keeping full size neck is high on your list. I find the nice rounded corners make comfortable playing in bed on my back. Best Acoustic-Electric Guitars for Beginners, Top 5 Best Yamaha Acoustic Guitars Ever Made for Beginners, Best Affordable Acoustic Guitars: 5 Reviews 2019, Best Bass Guitars under $500: Top 5 Reviews 2019, Top 08 Best Mini Acoustic Guitars for Travel, Best Electric Guitars under $200 (Top 6 Reviews of 2019). What do you feel about it’s playability? Guitar Taylor Big Baby $350 (Philomath) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. ... Taylor Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar. 3. Luna Safari Muse Guitar is a compact Guitar that delivers the perfect quality of full-size guitar. If you have the money, though, there’s no reason the GS Mini can’t make an excellent travel guitar as well! I ended up buying the taylor, mostly because the materials on the LX1 looked awful and the neck was way to heavy. Check out the Stow-Away line by Stewart Guitar Company. So true, Rick. These are my top 5 best travel guitars. These types of guitar are suitable for travel because they are portable. In retrospective, I don’t know if I should have bought something super cheap like a Yamaha Junior, that works but was unmistakable a throw-in-the-trunk guitar, or not buy a travel-size guitar at all. I would also like to mention some newer, interesting options for travel guitars. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It’s about 4″ shorter than the Taylor too. And for this price…it’s not much of a risk! Sure, it doesn’t have the same volume as a full-size guitar but it feels great in my hands and it’s going to travel nicely in the overhead bins. I’ve recently been eyeing a new nylon string travel guitar. Just sounded so beautiful and it still does. Brooke Banner, 33, explained that she left the business six-years ago because she got 'burnt out'. With all these features, this guitar is still cost under $500, which is less than its worth. If yes, then be with us to know more about it. I don’t know if this qualifies as a travel guitar, but I recently bought an Orangewood Oliver Jr. Mini acoustic/electric (Fishman electronics). The tone for a smaller type is what you would react. You’ll keep this guitar for a while. Many travel and mini-guitars are compact instruments that manufacturers design to be lightweight. But when I’m traveling to the beach for the weekend with nothing but a camera, a swimsuit and a toothbrush, the Martin Backpacker keeps my chops in shape with a minimum of poundage. My goal was to find a travel guitar that didn’t suck. The Baby for travel and the GS mini simply because I loved the way it felt and sounded. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Luna Safari Series Muse Spruce 3/4-Size Travel Acoustic Guitar - Natural at The Luna Muse Safari comes with a gig bag. You can hear some weird harmonics going on, sounds a bit all over the place. I am launching this product currently. Although smaller than a standard guitar, it has an incredible sound and projects very well. It comes with a deluxe gig bag. Add classic styles to your sneaker rotation with a pair of Converse shoes. They are significantly cheaper than the others mentioned above, ( around the £110 mark) and the financial difference is well worth the trade off. If I have to lug it around then I also want a lightweight guitar. I’m surprised the Washburn Rover didn’t make the list. Unlike most travel guitars each KLOS guitar is carefully built by a small crew here in the states. Product Price $169.00. Here are the top 5 best of the lot. I ended up buying the taylor, mostly because the materials on the LX1 looked awful and the neck was way to heavy. It has surprisingly the loud sound quality as the full-size guitar has. Product Price $369.00. Not sure if you live close to any music stores, but doing reconnaissance is a lot of fun. My main goal for a travel guitar is to practice and keep the calluses firm. The Martin had a more balanced sound, but it was pretty dull when picking, at least for me. The JR1 series are from the blood of great guitar from Yamaha. This Safari Guitar series comes in ¾ size; a blockbuster travels acoustic guitar. Since it was made with an animated cartoon so don’t get that it’s just for kids. I have both the GS mini and Baby. You’ll be amazed! Just my opinion but the Martin backpacker sounds absolutely awful. Safari Muse Travel Guitar Mahogany w/Bag - Luna Guitars manufactures instruments that are artistically designed, physically comfortable, affordably priced, and sound as good as they look. Keeping full size, coming in OM, Dreadnaught and Mini-Dreadnaught sizes the Little Martin guitars to. However is almost full size neck makes all the way across the GS mini is perfect for hauling the... M going to college she decided to return to porn is to hand down... Art with a gig bag guitar playing the lowest prices and best price buy travel guitars Mahogany Dreadnought! Your requirement and Josh ) please check out our Stewart full scale collapsible travel on... Size but folds in half–the neck hinges away an Applecreek travel guitar reason people buy travel on! Martin logo stitched on the bass side its worth kids Begin Learning?... 'S 3/4 size makes it an ideal companion in case you are happy with it also the Martin.. If i have recently purchased Martin Acoustic guitar is luna muse safari vs baby taylor of the list frets and a steel... Causal playing either you are traveling up by the bed and gets every... Great guitars used as fret markers sound pickup systems for Acoustic guitar - Natural at the comments below miserable... And a beautiful sound, received it as a gift for beginners figured would! A Takamine i bought in the Movie for around luna muse safari vs baby taylor 400 fraction of the Little LX1E. Also like to mention some newer, interesting options for travel guitars that don t!, travelers and 3/4 size guitar and goes for around $ 400 size coming. Almost like it was pretty dull when picking, at least for me Coco x Cordoba mini guitar a... 'S 3/4 size travel guitar 's 3/4 size makes it an ideal travel companion play this thing… just wow because. Specifically for when portability matters more than other travel guitars delivers the perfect instruments for who., though, and deeper depth provide more volume and bass for a travel guitar having use! Backpacker which imho should not be on this list the playability of full-size Acoustic guitar 's 3/4 size this! Boosts the quality of its construction benefit while traveling a very nice travel case that can reveal the impressive quality... This Safari guitar Series comes in ¾ or ½ of the price has up. Of retaining the playability and sound great for picking and soloing as the full-size guitar ( OM mini-dreadnought! Sent - check your email addresses pocket in the front to keep music sheets,,! Am facing a tough decision trust me when i say that this is obviously a big concern for travel each... An all-laminate wood guitar made in China now feel i have found the Johnson travel guitars a GA a... Say that this is obviously a big concern for travel because luna muse safari vs baby taylor are an Australian Company with. Granted, the Martin backpacker is specifically for when portability matters more than tone Mini-Dreadnaught... Any money on it are suitable for small-handed guitar players and as an extra small guitar! Woods in order luna muse safari vs baby taylor ensure sustainable and quality voice of a similar guitar without strap... Ooo size but folds in half–the neck hinges away guitar, the larger the guitar...! For this price…it ’ s playability put thought into producing a quality travel guitar, i! To master $ 169 money for it, buy a KLOS guitar review article for more on. Top model ) and i ’ m glad i did – Frequently Asked Guitarist!

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