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• Pelican Point (Utah), a location on the shore of Utah Lake, Utah County, Utah Storrs soon discovered a letter addressed to Mrs. “His schemes for mills and large enterprises were the ones on which the camp based its hopes of prosperity. “They found the boys’ clothing and shoes there and immediately suspected foul play.”. Zillow has 34 homes for sale in Pelican Point Gonzales. “I understood it was an unmarked grave, but apparently that wasn’t the case,” Andreason said of Hayes’ marker. Looking back at the lake of my youth. The stepfather found himself on trial in March of 1896. I was around 7 years old the first time I really remember fishing Pelican … 15 miles SSW of Tyler, Texas on the. He then promised to send for her in two weeks and take her and her mother to St. Louis. Pelican Point. One local New York investigator in one correspondence with Storrs even suggested an attempt at seducing her to gain information. Storrs began following Wright’s path through the Salt Lake Valley, which moved from north to south. The boys were seen working the ranch throughout December and January by neighbors on Pelican Point and John Barnes, a young man living nearby spent several hours with the boys at the ranch on February 16. We are Teledata/Low voltage structured cabling installation company. She described the circuitous trail she and her husband took in the years prior to the killings. Enter Utah County Sheriff George Storrs, who took office on Jan. 4, 1897, just 18 days prior to Hayes’ scheduled execution. Storrs examined the Cooper wagon and it resembled the description of the one at the Hayes ranch, and family members later confirmed it was in fact the wagon because of known damage to it. “I would frequently wake up at night and find him gone and he would not return until after daylight,” Jennie Wright wrote in her deposition. George Wright, she wrote, never seemed to want for money, though he never paid any attention to the law he had studied in Michigan. Utah rockhounding locations. “I arranged with the Sheriff of Salt Lake County for the gallows, and I had a Deputy Sheriff there show me how the gallows worked; I purchased some new rope at St. Louis, with which to hang Hayes, which rope I now have at my office in Provo,” Storrs wrote. 22-year-old Albert was later joined by two of his cousins, Andrew Johnson, aged 21 and Alfred Nielson aged 18. Over the next weeks, months and years emerged the story of the “Pelican Point murders”—crimes that still leave their mark today in less-traveled corners of Utah County after drawing national attention more than 120 years ago. “After I became positive that these things which I had located around Mapleton were the property of the boys who had been murdered at the Hayes ranch, I then started to locate James G. Weeks,” Storrs wrote. It was after that, Jennie Wright wrote, that she took on the name, Mrs. James G. Weeks. 48 The ward members also gave Wilkins the name of a woman they said knew Wright well. The USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) publishes a set of the most commonly used topographic maps of the U.S. called US Topo that are separated into rectangular quadrants that are printed at 22.75"x29" or larger. He took a team of horses and a new wagon filled with supplies, planning to fix up the ranch and make it a going concern. Sheriff Storrs had doggedly followed Weeks’s trail but was always a step or two behind. He then showed the woman the photo of Case, and she recognized the man as Wright. The Hayes family had been involved in a contentious land dispute with a Mr. O.A. “You have made the statement, Mr. Hayes, that you did not leave Eureka between Dec. 24, 1894, and March 18, 1895,” the reporter for the Enquirer queried. “I think he was a serial killer is what it sounds like to me!” Andreason exclaimed. Storrs wrote that he just happened to be waiting for a train when he picked up a copy of the Denver Republican newspaper dated Sept. 6, 1897. ), ( He was also known to be an excellent shot with rifle or pistol who preferred theft to honest work. “They know one thing, and that is he is the cleverest all-around scoundrel they ever met in their lives.”. He took the testimony to Harry Hayes’s attorney who brought the case again to the Board of Pardons. Hardie, a chief of police in the area. George Wright tried to get her to poison the horses—to which she said she felt uncomfortable—before he killed the horses himself after trading the wagon to Beckstead, noting one of the horses was “known over in Lehi.”. Based on previous charges related to the theft of cattle, Storrs obtained an arrest warrant from Utah Governor Heber Wells and set out for Colorado on Aug. 20, 1897 as Hayes remained behind bars. These homes are being marketed by Alair Homes with home prices starting in the $400's. ), ( Geologic Publications. Pelican Valley vein, Pelican Point Area, Utah Co., Utah, USA Utah Valley vein, Pelican Point Area, Utah Co., Utah, USA Reference: UGMS Bull 117 Minerals and Mineral Localities of Utah 6 There was no weapon recovered, they didn’t have the forensics at the time to test a weapon or the bullets to see who owned that kind of a gun or anything.”, “He insisted before, during and after the trial that if a man named Stevens could be found they would have the real murderer,” reported the Salt Lake Herald in the 1897 story, “but still he manifested no disposition to aid the officers in any way.”. He had two gunshot wounds to the head. Storrs also confirmed that the Schuttler wagon traded by Beckstead was sold in Mapleton by a man recognized as James Weeks. 4 Their journey ultimately brought them to Utah County ahead of that fateful February of 1895. Strange Story of an Atrocious Crime and Its Startling Sequel,” Salt Lake Herald, April 16, 1899, “Innocent Man was Convicted: Pardoned after Serving Four Years for a Crime He Did Not Commit,” Evening Times, April 19, 1899, “Wright at World’s Fair City,” Deseret Evening News, May 14, 1900, “Is Lennon a Muchly Wanted Utah Man: Startling Resemblance Has Caused Official Investigation,” Honolulu Republican, Nov. 17, 1901, Murder in any Degree: An Account of Two Unsolved Murders in Utah County, Delila Williams and La Nora Allred, 1986, 124-year-old Murders Still Leave Their Mark In Less-Traveled Corners Of Utah County, Multiple-Vehicle Crash Temporarily Shuts Down I-15 In Draper, 4 Temples Moving To Phase 3 Reopening; Resuming Proxy Ordinances, Dad Sings Impromptu National Anthem At High School Basketball Game After Sound System Fails, 10 More Die From COVID, 7-Day Average For Positive Tests Climbs To 27.1%, Riverton Middle School Teacher Arrested, Being Investigated For Kidnapping, 1 Dead, 1 Injured In Early-Morning Shooting At SLC Apartment, Water Main Breaks Force Outage In West Jordan Neighborhood –, Doctors Worried As COVID Hospitalizations In Utah Reach New Record, Tens Of Millions In California Under Stay-At-Home Order Starting Sunday Night. Their travels stretched from city to city across much of the Northeast and Midwest before ultimately bringing them to Salt Lake City in 1890. [volume] (Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1870-1909, December 21, 1899, Page 3, Image 3, brought to you by University of Utah, Marriott Library, and the National Digital Newspaper Program. Weeks had been signed by a C.T. Pelican Pointe - Save Thousands With Communie Learn How To Save Thousands Building In Pelican Pointe - Utah's New Home Community. 5 ), "Murdered by a Maniac” Guest Post by James Schmidt, The Bellevue Baby Mrs. Cunningham's Adopted, The Mournful and Pathetic Ballad on the Murder of John Love. Believe she can locate him through their friends and acquaintances, if she does not already know where he is. “When Mrs. Hayes came she went to Tom Williams’ house, and there identified the photograph of a baby that she said a man named Stevens had shown her on February 6th 1895 at the Hayes ranch,” Storrs wrote in the deposition. He was viewed as cold and indifferent regarding his stepson's death and he was quick to furnish an alibi for the previous February. “What do you think of the action of the grand jury in indicting you?” the reporter questioned. Jennie Wright stated that George Wright could be “engaged in business as a lawyer, civil engineer, lecturer, newspaper reporter or mining operator.”. An old cemetery there is the burial site of Harry Hayes, who died a free man in 1911 thanks largely to Jennie Wright’s testimony. After 3 bodies surfaced off the shores of Utah Lake in 1895, suspicion eventually surrounded a mysterious drifter. She described a suspicious dinner conversation one Sunday with Tom Williams present: “Tom Williams said, ’Have you heard of the find they have made over there at the lake?’ Wright replied that he had not; I asked Tom what the find was and Tom then told about some boys being found, who were supposed to have been murdered; he told who the boys were and I noticed that Wright turned ghastly pale; after Tom Williams and (Greg) Metcalf left our cabin that day George was taken very ill with nervous prostration and was sick for two weeks.”. The man, however, soon fell under suspicion for the Jan. 20, 1896 killing of Crampton, whose body was found hidden in a manure pile. Pelican Point This old article tells of a mine that was discovered in the late 1800's at Pelican Point (West side of Utah Lake). Engineering (12) Mining and Minerals (43) Harry Hayes wanted nothing to do with the matter saying the boys probably abandoned the job and left for Arizona to find work or had gone prospecting. The prosecutor agreed, and Weeks left Freshwater, never to return. Engineering (12) Mining and Minerals (43) Tom Williams, Storrs wrote, also recognized the woman and child in the photo as Mrs. James Weeks and their baby, Ruth. By Natalie Boren DWR sportfish biologist in northeastern Utah. From design to implementation.We are BICSI RCDD/DCDC/NTS/ESS certified. The rest of the goods taken from Pelican Point had been in the cabin they occupied in Spanish Point Canyon. Here's a good old murder mystery from 1895 to keep you distracted through your quarantine days! Storrs visited that woman and asked her to describe Wright, and her description “corresponded exactly” with the one the sheriff had of James G. Weeks. Box address in Fowler, New York. “Her time is out December first next. 3 Caroline Hayes subsequently identified a quilt, pieces of Enstrom’s clothing, and other property that had been missing from the ranch. A 1986 manuscript written by Delila Williams and La Nora Allred, entitled Murder in any Degree—that contained information contributed by a relative of Caroline Hayes—detailed the prosecution’s case, which focused on the known dispute between Hayes and Enstrom, and Hayes’ apparent indifference about the killings. In October 1899, a man resembling George Wright was arrested in Weatherford, Oklahoma; it was not him. 7 “(Hayes) was reported as saying that the ranch didn’t belong to him (actually the land belonged to Mrs. Hayes), and he would never set foot on the (expletive) land again. This, she said in her affidavit, was the first thing that aroused suspicion in her mind that he was the Pelican Point murder. In spite of its distorted condition, the body was identified as that of Albert Hayes. Sarah takes us through the story of three cousins that were murdered near Pelican Point on Utah Lake and the crazy story that follows. “It was well-known that he had a very contentious relationship with his stepson, who was meant to inherit this land,” Larsen said. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT TODAY CALL US: 877-735-7646. Under the name of Stevens, he had visited the boys at the ranch and had shown people there a picture of his little girl later identified as Weeks’s daughter Ruthie. A plausible talker, sociable, personally attractive, educated, raised in the technique of geology, he passed for the man the camp could rely upon pulling it out of any difficulty when the values in the veins showed the need for mills and capital to assist in their conversion into gold.”. Suspicion soon surrounded Hayes’ husband, Harry Hayes, who was Enstrom’s stepfather. Storrs wrote that the photo Colorado deputies in the area had of Case was an exact match to that of the one he had of Weeks. 47 Could it be an old Spanish mine? “Hayes was extremely indifferent and did nothing whatever to aid the officers,” the Herald reported. With an apparent desire to distance herself from the precariousness of the situation, Jennie Wright moved back to New York in September 1895. He later traded the wagon for a lighter one and killed the horses himself. This time the evidence was strong enough to convince the board that George Wright was the real killer and Harry Hayes was innocent of the crime. “They didn’t have anybody else that had a reason to kill these boys; so very quickly everything started to focus on him.”. They met in Michigan and moved to Salt Lake City where he told her he had a ranch in the foothills and earned his living selling beef. He came from a wealthy family, he was an attorney, a surveyor—just a lot of different things that he did, so why would he be an outlaw for a living?”. Case, according to the reporting of the Denver Republican, had brought new life and hope to the small mining camp of Freshwater. ), ( Ang Pelican Point nahimutang sa kondado sa Utah County ug estado sa Utah, sa sentro nga bahin sa nasod, 3,000 km sa kasadpan sa ulohang dakbayan Washington, D.C.. Ang yuta sa Pelican Point kay patag sa sidlakan, apan … There was even a possible old spanish mine there ( see link ). ), ( Wilkins shared the photo of Charles T. Case that had been published in at least two newspapers at that point. Beckstead had obtained a wagon from Wright, which was of interest to Storrs because of the wagon missing from the Hayes ranch. One of the questions investigators could never answer adequately is what happened to property that disappeared from the ranch around the time of the killings, including a wagon, farm implements and clothing. Two pontoon boats are available for rent; one is a 22' Suncatcher G3 115 HP, the other is a 22' Bennington 115 HP. She noted that her husband had even killed her pug dog. In 1900 he was seen in Chicago; in 1901 in Butte, Montana; in 1902, Salt Lake City; in 1903, Indian Territory; in 1905, Williamson, West Virginia. ), Post Comments Pelican Pointe Pelican Pointe is a new-home community of single family homes in Lehi, Utah. “It was suggested that all these things had been loaded into a wagon, the outfit drawn upon Utah Lake, which was frozen, the ice chopped and the whole allowed to sink,” the 1897 Herald article stated. What Storrs was able to build was a detailed profile of Wright. As a last resort they brought the case before the Board of Pardons and within days of the scheduled execution, the Board commuted the sentenced to life imprisonment. Economic Geology. “It was intended, after the capture of Weeks, to charge him with the more serious crime of murder,” the deposition stated. There's a painting in the DUP museum in Salt Lake City that is called something like "Cave at Pelican Point." “I asked him where he got the team and he said he had stolen them,” Jennie Wright wrote. Though the evidence was circumstantial, and no clear motive was determined, on April 1, the jury returned a verdict of guilty without a recommendation for mercy; on April 27 Hayes was sentenced to hang. “I do not care to relate my opinion of the action of that body,” Hayes said. At Geneva Rock, we have a history of providing quality products, friendly on-time service, and a level of professionalism we are proud to say still exists today. “I have a scheme, I think I can work successfully, it is this,” a paragraph of the letter dated Oct. 22, 1898 read. She immediately suspected foul play. When the owner of the ranch, Caroline Hayes, learned in early March that her son, Enstrom, and the other two workers were missing from their jobs, she traveled from Eureka to take a closer look. He never did. ( His attorney appealed the case to the Utah Supreme Court who affirmed the verdict, denying Hayes a new trial. This community is offering rambler and two story home designs that start with as many as 6 bedrooms and 4.5 baths. He instantly recognized a picture of Weeks on the front page, next to a “startling” headline that stated, “after nineteen months the murder of W.C. Crampton nears solution.”. 10 That theory was additionally supported by a letter sent to a woman living in Mapleton, addressed from Jennie Wright, who signed the name “Weeks” in parentheses after Wright. Albert Hayes left his parents’ home in Eureka, Utah in December 1894, and went to work on the family ranch near Pelican Point on the west side of Utah Lake, some thirty miles away. 38 McCarty addressed Hayes on that day, according to the reporting of the Provo Daily Enquirer. Pelican Point Lake Estate is located appx. ), ( Search; ... Dead Horse Point Junction: petrified wood. ), ( On Jan. 21, 1898, the sheriff received a letter from Chicago Journal city editor Fred Logan that said Wright at one time had contributed several articles to the publication on gold mining regions. “Following this theory, the officers spent weeks dredging the lake, but without results.”. 52 “Charles T. Case, late ‘King of Freshwater’ brought back under arrest from the east,” the headline continued. She said one of the horses had a brand of an “H” with a quarter circle over it. Meanwhile, Storrs’ deputies started to follow up on possible leads that the man by the name of Case or Weeks or perhaps Wright had lived elsewhere in northern Utah prior to moving to Utah County. 22-year-old Albert was later joined by two of his cousins, Andrew Johnson, aged 21 and … 49 800 acres of rural retreat providing championship golf and other unparalleled recreational and social amenities. Jennie Wright put the pieces together in the coming days. On that date, Hayes gave short answers to a reporter from the Provo Daily Enquirer, during an interview at the jail that played out more like an interrogation. It is part of the Provo–Orem, Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area. © Copyright 2009-2020 Robert Wilhelm All Rights Reserved. Before, during, and after the trial, Hayes maintained his innocence. Andreason said his late mother, Reva Tyrrell Andreason, was very familiar with the Pelican Point murders and was the relative who contributed information to Murder in any Degree. 801-537-3320 | Local Phone 1-888-UTAHMAP | Toll Free . He took a team of horses and a new wagon filled with supplies, planning to fix up the ranch and make it a going concern. There he practiced law and rose in prominence earning the sobriquet “King of Freshwater.” Weeks was arrested in connection with a questionable sheep deal and he persuaded the prosecutor to let him leave town to consult another attorney since he was unfamiliar with the law in this case. “The Pelican Point Butchery the Most Foul on Record” was the headline that appeared in Provo’s Evening Dispatch on April 22. 51 “Him shall the scorn and wrath of men Pursue with deadly aim; And malice, envy, spite and lies shall desecrate his name,” Hayes’ headstone reads, “But truth shall conquer at the last, for round and round we run, And ever the right comes uppermost, And ever is justice done.”, Close by are buried Enstrom, Johnson and Nelson, whose headstones all are inscribed, “said to be massacred.”. “The newspapers came out with descriptions of how the boys were dressed when last seen; the newspaper accounts also described the team and wagon, the household goods and the duck overcoat; it was the description of the duck overcoat that first attracted my attention; I also found that the goods which I found at the cabin when I reached there corresponded with the descriptions in the newspapers of the missing articles at the Hayes Ranch at Pelican Point,” the wife wrote. The city is a relatively new development along the northwestern shores of Utah Lake . One fact that stood out through all the proceedings was the prosecution’s inability to show what became of the horses, the wagon and the farm implements stolen from the ranch. All three men had been shot to death. Five months into the investigation in which leads took him as far away as Idaho, Storrs received his first real clue—a tip from someone in Provo that a suspected cattle thief named James G. Weeks had the property from the Hayes ranch, but he jumped his bail bonds and his wife ultimately sold the property to people around Mapleton. The wife also noted George Wright had amassed numerous items she had not seen before, including articles of clothing “for three different sized men.”. Her testimony, however, didn’t come without significant efforts to convince her. ), ( “I was in fear of my life; I felt he would kill me if I exposed him.”. But suspicion very quickly focused on Harry Hayes himself. 57 south shore of Lake Palestine. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Pelican Point Gravel Pit locations in Saratoga Springs, UT. It’s been an area shrouded in mystery dating back to 1895. Throughout his travels, Weeks was accompanied by his wife Jennie and their little daughter Ruthie. “I became very much interested in the case owing to the fact that I had come so near to hanging Hayes,” Storrs wrote. Witnesses also said on the morning of Crampton’s killing, they saw Case talking to Crampton at the blacksmith shop near the manure pile where the body was found. He’d apparently lived near a copper plant close to the Jordan River. Pelican Point is on the western shore of Utah Lake, just south of Saratoga Springs. She eventually concluded that her husband was a thief of cattle, horses and sheep. Bringing back the big bass and bluegill. Her real name was Jennie Wright, she told the sheriff, and her husband was George A. Wright, a graduate of Kalamazoo Law College. This time, whether or not she knew were Weeks went, Jennie decided not to follow and took her daughter back to her mother’s home near Gouverneur, New York. Rebuilding Pelican Lake for future generations. Investigators also discovered a pool of blood at the blacksmith shop. There was also well-known that a bitter feud existed between the Harry Hayes and Mrs. Hayes’ family, the Hansens. “He had ill will towards the boys and threatened them with violence.”. His father, Abner Wright, lived in Owatonna, Minn. Family members told investigators there that they believed, as of Jan. 10, 1898, that he may be living in Boston, Mass., but Storrs wasn’t able to develop anything further on Wright’s whereabouts. Governor Wells of Utah offered a $500 reward for Wright’s arrest and released a detailed description; the name George Wright was first on a list of criminals wanted by Utah which included such notorious characters as Butch Cassidy. “It’s amazing the time the man put into this for somebody he didn’t really even know.”, “Murder Mystery: A Young Utah County Man Fouly Butchered,” Evening Dispatch, April 16, 1895, “Still Unsolved: The Pelican Point Murder Still a Mystery,” Evening Dispatch, April 17, 1895, “Triple Murder: The Pelican Point Butchery the Most Foul on Record,” Evening Dispatch, April 22, 1895, “Harry Hayes Arrested for a Triple Murder at Pelican Point,” Provo Daily Enquirer, Dec. 4, 1895, “Hayes to Hang: Justice McCarty passes Sentence,” Provo Daily Enquirer, April 27, 1896, “Charles T. Case, late ‘King of Freshwater’ brought back under arrest from the east,” Denver Republican, Sept. 6, 1897, “Pelican Point Murders: Strong Evidence that Harry Hayes Is an Innocent Man,” Salt Lake Herald, Sept. 8, 1897, Prisoner’s pardon application case files, Harry Hayes, Utah Board of Pardons and Parole, 189, “Is the Pelican Point Murder Mystery Solved? ⓘ Clyde Knoll Limestone Pit, Pelican Point Area, Utah Co., Utah, USA Mineral and/or Locality is an outreach project of the Hudson Institute of Mineralogy , a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. ), ( It was ultimately the promise of immunity, though, that led Jennie Wright to finally agree in 1899 to travel back to Utah with Storrs, arriving in Provo on Jan. 15. “In this letter, Mrs. Wright asked whether anything had ever been proved or found out in the Pelican Point affair, saying that she often thought she knew something bearing on that affair,” Storrs wrote in his deposition. He found the wagon and other stolen articles and obtained affidavits from the buyers. 62 Storrs also received intelligence from William Allan Pinkerton, principal of Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency, that his investigators had interviewed an attorney who represented Case, or Wright, in civil matters until he discovered his client was a “scoundrel.”, “He had committed forgeries and embezzlements with every one of the mining companies he was connected with, and was a clever forger and an all-around crook,” a letter from Pinkerton stated. Within days, the other bodies came to the surface in similar fashion. Pelican Point (punta sa Estados Unidos, Utah, Sevier County) Pelican Point (punta sa Estados Unidos, California, Lassen County) , 40°38′01″N 120°44′46″W  /  40.63351°N 120.74607°V  / 40.63351; -120.74607  ( Pelican Point (punta sa Estados Unidos, California, Lassen In that way she will be here where I can see her frequently, and the amount saved on livery rigs would about pay the difference, for such a time as I can accomplish my object, which is to get intimate with her, play the love act, if necessary, to get her confidence; suggest that she get a divorce from him. 801-537-3320 | Local Phone 1-888-UTAHMAP | Toll Free . ), ( “Her husband visited her, I am informed, about a year ago, and stayed in the locality for about a week,” wrote J.F. Perhaps it’s appropriate the area historically known as Pelican Point still looks like it’s hiding something. Meanwhile, Sheriff Storrs who had arrested Hayes was now convinced that he was innocent. Superior schools, a low crime rate, nearby shopping, dining and health facilities, plus a wonderful Cajun heritage have made this one of the most vibrant and fastest growing areas in Louisiana. Punta ang Pelican Point sa Tinipong Bansa. His dog had also been shot to death. Pelican Pointe is a new single family home community located in Lehi, Utah. ( On March 4, the Anderson family, living nearby, wrote to Harry Hayes notifying him of conditions on the ranch. Three witnesses at Pelican Point, however, saw Hayes at the ranch the day before the victims were last seen alive. She learned later that the ranch did not exist and he earned his living by stealing cattle at night, immediately slaughtering the animals and selling the beef to Salt Lake City butchers. She also helped him track down the people who had purchased the stolen goods from her husband. Weeks appeared to be a well-educated gentleman, adept at many professions, with a persuasive personality. “Up to this time, I did not know that James G. Weeks had any other name than Charles T. Case and Alexander Wilkins’ information was the first that I had that Weeks’ real name was George H. Wright,” the sheriff wrote. Photograph of goethite pseudomorph after pyrite specimen from Pelican Point, Utah County, Utah, USA taken by Dlloyd. Mrs. Wright, who had parted ways with her husband for reasons that would become clear later, ended up being a key witness that turned the case for Storrs, according to his deposition and other accounts that are part of a 320-page pardon application submitted on behalf of Harry Hayes. “It really, really was the wild, wild West back then,” Larsen said. On May 6, 1999, Harry Hayes was granted a full pardon and after serving four years in prison he was released. It was incorporated on December 31, 1997 and has been growing rapidly since then. On Feb. 16 of that year, ranch hands and cousins Albert Enstrom, Andrew Johnson and Alfred Nelson were last seen roaming the property. MD-234874 Goethite, Pyrite Small Cabinet, 7.2 x 6.9 x 4.8 cm Pelican Point Quarry (Lakeside Lime Quarry), Pelican Point, Utah Lake, Utah Co., Utah, USA Perhaps it’s appropriate the area historically known as Pelican Point still looks like it’s hiding something. ~~ 22821 Lime Street, Frankston TX 75763. ), ( ), ( Individuals, however, reveal surprising variation in the Utah birds. ... Pelican Point Resident, born and raised on the property . Pelican Point (udde i Australien, New South Wales, lat -34,02, long 151,13) Pelican Point (udde i Australien, South Australia, Grant) , 37°55′44″S 140°25′23″Ö  /  37.92889°S 140.42318°Ö  / -37.92889; 140.42318  ( Pelican Point (udde i Australien, South Australia Harry Hayes was indicted for murder on Dec. 4. The City contains over 21 square miles and runs from Pelican Point on the west side of Utah Lake over eleven miles north to the Camp Williams U.S. Army facility in the foothills between Utah and Salt Lake Counties. Pelican Point, Utah County, Utah, USA (As Fletch drives from the airport to the motel he's on this road, just across Utah Lake from the actual Provo.

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