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*Windows Sonic for Headphones provided by Microsoft for compatible Windows 10 PCs (and Xbox One). Turtle Beach Recon 60P PS4, PS3 Headset - Black. Their headphones often offer unique features like Bluetooth capabilities, ANC, and even unique earbuds like the Turtle Beach Battle Buds, which are wired in … Unfortunately, Turtle Beach doesn't have the best support software for added customization options. put them under the same test bench, The Turtle Beach Call of Duty: Black Ops II Limited Edition Ear Force Earbuds put you in control while on the go. These features make Turtle Beach headphones a good choice to double as your day-to-day headphones. 99 Turtle Beach Battle Buds In-Ear Gaming Headset for Nintendo Switch/Xbox One/Series X/S/PlayStation 4/5 - Black/Silver Turtle Beach 4.5 out of 5 stars with 81 reviews Free shipping . Unfortunately, their build quality is generally lower than similarly priced headphones from other brands like SteelSeries and Corsair, and their app is lacking in customization options and can be downright frustrating to use at times. Turtle Beach Atlas One PC Gaming Headset Surround Sound Ready for PC Gaming – Optimized to deliver immersive Windows Sonic for Headphones surround sound. A Turtle Beach headset for every platform . Also, they struggle to isolate against background noise and they leak a bit of sound, so they may not be the best choice for gaming in a lively home environment. If you're an avid gamer looking to kick your gaming experience up a notch, be sure to take a look at our brilliant selection of gaming headsets. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. On the upside, their microphone is excellent, and your voice will sound full-bodied and easy to hear, even in noisy environments. $26.88. We've tested 12 Turtle Beach headsets. Turtle Beach; General; Console & Headset Reference; Wireless Headset Pairing Instructions August 02, 2016 18:37. Turtle Beach makes gaming headphones at a variety of price points that are generally decently affordable. That said, the headphones can only be used wired, so they won't work as Bluetooth headphones while on-the-go, which is a shame. Page 1 of 1. They make a variety of gaming headsets available at most price points. so that you can compare the results easily. They tend to have some unique features, like active noise cancelling, Bluetooth, dedicated amps, or even in-ears with a detachable boom microphone. Overall, their microphones typically have a good recording quality, even with their budget options. Bose QuietComfort 35 II/QC35 II Wireless 2018, G PRO X WIRELESS LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headset, Be the first to start a discussion about Best Turtle Beach Headphones. Click your headset below to see the pairing instructions: The Turtle Beach Battle Buds are another attempt at building some gaming-grade earbuds, and for the most part, Turtle Beach has produced a great product. They don't feel very durable, and their stiff ear cups may not fit comfortably for all listeners. While the majority of their lineup feels plasticky and cheap, some of their higher-end options, like the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas and the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2, feel decently well-made. These wired gaming headphones are very comfortable thanks to their thick ear padding, deep ear cups, and flexible and well-padded headband. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. True wireless earbuds and headphones will not restrict your movements because they come with no wires. You can see what products we currently have for sale. Our sole mission is to help every player play their best - at every level in every game. Color: Black The all new Turtle Beach Battle Buds in ear gaming headset is built to battle on any platform, anywhere you play! Turtle Beach EarForce X42 Gaming Headset for Xbox 360, Black/Green. Headphone Stand, Universal Aluminum Holder Showing Display Hanger for HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset, Microsoft Xbox One Chat, Turtle Beach Recon, Sony Headset 2.0 and More 4.7 out of 5 stars 495 $8.99 $ 8 . Their sound profile is also fairly well-balanced, so they're well-suited to mix in a variety of music genres to your games. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. Whether you’re sweating it off at the gym or traveling on a bicycle, music is something you can take with you everywhere. If you’re planning on buying a present for your kiddo, check out headphones that are specifically designed for young ones who enjoy their music. Thanks to their wired design, you don't have to worry about latency or running out of battery when using these headphones. Also compatible with Dolby Atmos for Headphones (Additional purchase may be required.) Due to their bulky design, they're quite inconsistent across various users, so you may experience their sound reproduction differently if you wear glasses or have long hair. The best Turtle Beach headset for wireless gaming that we've tested is the Turtle Beach Stealth 600. Turtle Beach delivers a wide selection of industry leading, award-winning gaming headsets. The best Turtle Beach headset in the budget category we've tested is the Turtle Beach Recon 50X/Recon 50P. $14.99. Shop Turtle Beach Atlas Edge USB Type A-to-3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter Black at Best Buy. Their inclusion of Bluetooth in many of their headsets makes them more convenient for casual use, so you can use your gaming headset as your daily driver headphones when on-the-go. The Audio Hub will detect the headset, search for available firmware updates, and prompt you to install those updates. $13.06. Stealth 600 for PS4/PS4 Pro. Workout headphones are ideal when you’re doing some sort of physical exercise but also want to enjoy your workout routine with some chart-toppers. Align the Turtle Beach logo on the microphone's plug with the palm tree logo on the left earbud and gently push in to ensure the mic is fully inserted. While SteelSeries headsets are generally more expensive than most Turtle Beach options, they often look and feel much more premium and high-end. Unfortunately, like many headphones in this price range, they don't have the best build quality. They're also quite comfortable and deliver just over 16 hours of playback on a single charge, which should be more than enough to get you through a couple of long multiplayer raids. These wireless over-ear headphones come with a USB dongle for low-latency, non-Bluetooth audio connection, so even competitive gamers shouldn't notice much in the way of lag. Turtle Beach Recon 50X Wired Gaming Headset $25 $30 Gamers on a budget should pick up this wireless gaming headset, which works with PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac. Most Turtle Beach headphones have active features that set them apart from other gaming headsets. Turtle Beach offers top-of-the-line gaming headsets for every major platform, from unbeatable PS4 headsets and Xbox One headsets through to Nintendo Switch, PC, and even mobile/tablet devices. Do Not Sell My Personal Information - CA Resident Only. Compared to other brands, the Turtle Beach Audio HUB lacks a lot of features and customization options. You can pick your favorite pair based on the various features they come with. The microphone has an amazing recording quality, too, so your voice sounds clear and natural to your teammates, even if you're gaming in a noisy environment. Shop for headset turtle beach online at Target. Even though Turtle Beach makes headsets with a very gamer-centric design, they're often fairly versatile for mobile use with your phone. Here you can vote for our next review, Compare frequency and distortion of headphones to make a clearer and more informed decision, We buy our own products to test. This tool will clearly show you the differences, Use our data and table to find the best headphones for your needs, Want to see us review a specific headphones? If you’re a gamer, there are earphones available to make your gaming experiences more realistic and action-packed. Turtle Beach Battle Buds In-Ear Gaming Headset for Nintendo Switch/Xbox One/Series X/S/PlayStation 4/5 - Black/Silver Turtle Beach 4.5 out of 5 stars with 80 reviews We purchase our own headphones and From road trips with Nintendo Switch to Battle Royales on Xbox One or PS4 at home to mobile gaming on your daily commute, Battle Buds are the perfect mix of in ear comfort and great sound. Turtle Beach - Battle Buds In-Ear Gaming Headset for Mobile Gaming, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 & PS5 - White/Teal Model: TBS-4003-01 SKU: 6354742 They also have a few models with detachable mics, so they're a bit less bulky for use with your mobile devices. Lot Of 7 Xbox 360 Call Of Duty Games & Turtle Beach X12 Headphones Gaming Gamer . In-ear headphones will give you a snug fit and they rest on the ridge of your ears. Most SteelSeries gaming headphones feel durable and well-built and have good microphones and well-balanced sound profiles. They offer some budget options that can compete with headphones from Turtle Beach, as well as some higher-end options designed to compete with more premium brands like SteelSeries. Over-ear or on-ear headphones enclose the ears with a closed back and sit on the outside of your ears. Go to Settings >> Devices >> Audio Devices. Unfortunately, they do a terrible job of blocking out ambient noise, so they aren't particularly well-suited for use in a crowded environment. Turtle Beach Force PS4 Headset Upgrade Kit for Headsets. When a product is discontinued or no longer popular, we sell the purchased products locally in Montreal, Canada. They're available in either a PS4 or an Xbox One variant, and feature a large 'SuperAmp' knob that connects to your console via USB and allows you to easily mix and control audio while gaming. Their often shorter boom mics aren't as good as some of the other gaming brands like HyperX or SteelSeries, but they still deliver a good recording quality and should be more than suitable for gaming and making calls. Astro gaming headphones generally have well-balanced sound profiles and look and feel well-built and comfortable. Unfortunately, they're quite big and bulky and do a poor job at blocking out background noise. Overall, these headphones have a decently well-balanced, though slightly muddy sound profile, so you'll really feel the boom in action-packed scenes in your favorite games. If you want to see more options, check out our recommendations for the best gaming headsets and the best wireless gaming headsets. Refurbished Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset. Plug the headset's main plug into the computer. Microsoft Xbox 360 + 7 Games + Controller + Turtle Beach Headset ++++ (See Pics) $99.99 + shipping . If your computer has separate jacks for headset audio and mic audio, you will need a … You can dive into the world of music with noise-canceling headphones when you’re traveling and want to enjoy quality music without the interferences of outside noises. Buy Them Here: So gaming earbuds have taken off in popularity due to mobile gaming being on the rise again. Unfortunately, their build quality is often a bit lacking compared to some other brands like SteelSeries or Corsair. Add to wishlist. No matter what your headphone style is, there’s something here for everyone. Still, if you're gaming in a quiet room and don't want to worry about an audio cable getting in your way, these are a solid choice. Wireless earphones and headphones are perfect when you want to secure your earphones without having to compromise on the intensity of your workout sessions. They aren't compatible with wired or Bluetooth connections either, which seriously impacts their overall versatility. Price Match Guarantee. Their dedicated app support is somewhat poor, as it offers very little in the way of customization options. While some of Turtle Beach's more recent, higher-end models feel well-built, most of their headphones feel plasticky and rather cheaply made, especially when compared to other gaming brands in the same price range like Corsair or HyperX. Listening to audio files with noise cancelling and wireless headphones will produce better sound quality. Add to Trolley. However, if you're looking for a single pair of headphones that you can use while gaming at home as well as on-the-go connected to your phone, then Turtle Beach may just be the right brand for your next headset. The vibrant colors will add a fun flair and make listening to music more exciting. They have a very well-balanced sound profile, with an extended, gently overemphasized bass that'll add some thump and rumble to your favorite games without overwhelming delicate dialogue and music. Their headphones often offer unique features like Bluetooth capabilities, ANC, and even unique earbuds like the Turtle Beach Battle Buds, which are wired in-ears with a detachable microphone. Turtle Beach - Battle Buds In-Ear Gaming Headset for Mobile Gaming, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 & PS5 - White/Teal Model: TBS-4003-01 SKU: 6354742

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