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Scan the internet for additional info affecting your score. General Election results for November 7, 2017, Official List Candidate Returns for Jersey City Mayoral Election For May 2013 General Election, Official List Candidate Returns for Jersey City Council, Official List Candidate Returns for House of Representatives, municipalities with populations exceeding 100,000,, American Marine Corps personnel of the Iraq War, American people of Romanian-Jewish descent, Jewish mayors of places in the United States, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University alumni, New York University Stern School of Business alumni, Jewish American people in New Jersey politics, Articles with dead external links from October 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 November 2020, at 15:54. He traveled into Baghdad in the early weeks of the war. [2] Fulop took office on July 1, 2013 with a vision to make Jersey City the "best mid-sized city in the country". Today is Veterans Day, and as both a veteran and a mayor, I am proud of all we have accomplished in Jersey City to celebrate and support our veterans. The fact is that a known anti-Semite, white nationalist + holocaust denier like him has zero credibility. However, as noted by The New York Times, the most significant difference between Fulop and every elected official in Jersey City, and most in Hudson County, is that he won the election with no establishment support, beating an incumbent with the backing of Senator Robert Menendez, Mayor Jerramiah Healy of Jersey City, and the Hudson County Democratic Organization. 1 in NJ for LGBT community, report says", "For third year straight, Jersey City is No. The second referendum would make it illegal for any entity that does business with the city, such as a developer or contractor, to make a political contribution to a local candidate for a one-year period. [74], The issue was resolved on December 20, 2018, when the nine-member Jersey City Council voted unanimously to adopt an ordinance that the monument remain where it stands in Exchange Place "in perpetuity".[75]. [61] The next day, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, backed this temporary closure and ordered all malls in New Jersey to temporarily close as well.[62]. With sound policy ideas and precise implementation, we can make sure that the entire city moves forward, and that we can truly embrace the Marine Corps philosophy -- nobody gets left behind -- ever. We believe that [Mayor Fulop] has the capacity to continue to provide that leadership for NJCA’s members, and all who reside in Jersey City.". Through the COVID-19 pandemic, Fulop's administration saw the death of Ward D Councilman Michael Yun on 6 April 2020. ", McDonald, Terrance T. (December 21, 2008). [39], In an effort to revitalize the Journal Square business district of Jersey City, in February 2014 Fulop released a request for proposals for the restoration, renovation, and professional management of the historic Loew's Jersey Theatre. JERSEY CITY -- Mayor Steve Fulop's re-election bid received the endorsement of 13 Hudson County construction trade unions on Friday morning, giving the mayor a boost from a group that endorsed his chief rival four years ago. [40][41], These tax abatements have not been without controversy. [57][58] In September 2015 Jersey City became the first city in the state to expand healthcare coverage to transgender municipal employees. This budget not only reflects the largest total investment in the Department of Recreation for Jersey City within the last five years and the largest percent increase in funding since 1999, but allocates the largest investment in parks in decades. STEVEN FULOP SAY: So I just want to give a quick update there are you know there were two incidents today of two different locations one at debut cemetery and one of the corner store at Bayview and Martin Luther King I want to start by just saying that the Jersey City Police Department did a phenomenal job and it’s … Deep Scan the Web. We have succeeded in keeping municipal taxes flat for the past three years and have received our third consecutive credit upgrade, all while hiring over 200 police officers, putting $6 million dollars into our city park system, and investing in affordable housing citywide. [38], Fulop's campaign platform included plans for revitalizing the inner city and creating an environment that would also benefit long-term residents by incentivizing development away from the waterfront and into the heart of the inner city. New Jersey Mayor Steven Fulop shut down the Maritime Parc, the restaurant that hosted the event, on Friday. Not only am I endorsing him, but we're going to work extremely hard together.". Finally. [2], In 2011, Jersey City was ranked by Atlantic Magazine as the 10th most artistic city in America,[42] and ranked Jersey City the second most diverse city in the United States. Steven Fulop 2017. Attorney General must investigate Fulop electioneering, Senator says Corrado to Grewal: ‘Failure to act on this matter sends the message that electioneering is now permitted in polling sites’ This board is charged with making programmatic, legislative, and training recommendations to improve public safety overall. [67] Fulop is a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition.[68]. He went to Harpur College at Binghamton University where he graduated in 1999. A SON OF IMMIGRANTS LIVING IN AMERICA'S 'GOLDEN DOOR', A MAYOR WORKING TO BRING JOBS AND OPPORTUNITIES TO JERSEY CITY, A VETERAN FIGHTING TO END VETERAN HOMELESSNESS, A DEMOCRAT LEADING THE WAY ON PROGRESSIVE ISSUES. 0 Details Completed. Steven has 7 jobs listed on their profile. Businesses both large and small are moving in at an incredible rate, bringing jobs and opportunities to every corner of the city. This legislation was rejected by a 6–1–1 vote. [55], Fulop has been a strong supporter of LGBT rights, officiating at a historic midnight wedding ceremony the night it was officially legalized in New Jersey. Yesterday, as the president signed an executive order banning refugees from over half a dozen countries, it is important to remember that while such orders have the ability to change policy, they do not have the ability to change our values. Among Fulop's substantial socio-economic policies allowing growth in the city, one of his most controversial programs remains the Jersey City Youthworks program, a program targeting a younger demographic to become civically engaged through summer job/internship appointments within City departments and offices. Senator Bob Menendez, who then represented New Jersey's 13th Congressional District; Fulop lost the June 8, 2004 primary election by 74.8 percentage points, 87.4%–12.6%. Public workers union the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees gave Mayor Steve Fulop's re-election effort its official blessing yesterday. [1] Republicans from outside of Jersey City have criticized Fulop for these PILOT agreements since PILOTed buildings do not pay school taxes and thus sustain an artificially high level of state aid. steven fulop, 43. brooke thompson, 39. barbara thompson, 67. michael thompson, 57. brandon thompson, 34. roshelle thompson, 33. Start Scan Now. Fulop's newly created department was also charged with increasing diversity in both the police and fire department by revising its recruitment and retention efforts, emphasizing that members on the force should be representative of the city they serve. ", School of International and Public Affairs,, Act on the Institute of National Remembrance#2018 amendment, "Jersey City votes in new mayor, Healy concedes", "Steve Fulop Wins 2013 Jersey City Mayoral Election", "Steven Fulop wins mayor's race in Jersey City", "Sizing up the likely candidates for N.J. governor in 2017", "Fulop says it's about Murphy, and only Murphy", "From a Newark deli to Jersey City Hall, Fulop family has made a long journey", "Jersey City's Jewish mayor dedicated life to public service after 9/11", "Jewish mayor seeks to lead Jersey City’s rebirth; Edison native, 36, taps ‘all-star’ team to erase an image of decline", "Meet the Mayor: Steve Fulop, Jersey Boy", "Alumni Profile: Steven Fulop (STERN '07)", "A New Mayor to Match Jersey City’s Ambitions", "Former Wall Street Trader Fulop Ousts Jersey City’s Mayor", "Who is Steven Fulop and why is he running for Congress? Add Details. [8] He owned a delicatessen in Newark, New Jersey, where Fulop often worked, and his mother Carmen, the daughter of Holocaust survivors, worked in an immigration services office helping others gain citizenship. [4] He was widely considered likely to run for governor in 2017,[5] but ended this speculation by announcing his intention to run for re-election as mayor. Under the Fulop Administration, the City of Jersey City's response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 had significantly brought the city into a state of duress and unstable future. Shortly after completion of Marine Corps boot camp, on January 14, 2003 his Reserve Unit was activated and Fulop was deployed to Iraq, where he served as part of the 6th Engineer Support Battalion for six months. He was formerly the Ward E Councilman of Jersey City. [32] These campaign platform promises materialized into a Tiered Tax Abatement policy, the first of its kind in Jersey City, which created a mechanism for future development into parts of Jersey City historically ignored by major developers and development projects. Fulop aggressively advocated for this policy and worked with the municipal council for its passage citing it as a basic human dignity issue that builds upon the principle that a healthy employee is a more productive employee. Steven Fulop became the mayor of Jersey City — New Jersey’s second biggest city, home to almost 266,000 people as well as the Statue of Liberty (New York City claims it, but her feet are planted in Jersey City’s waters), the most ethnically diverse city in the country and among the most ethnically diverse cities in the world — when he was 35 years old. Porter, David; Gera, Vanessa (May 9, 2018). Jersey City residents have criticized these PILOT agreements for depriving the public schools of funds and disproportionately saddling owners of non-PILOTed property with local taxes. Le féroce allié de Trump et représentant de la Floride, Matt Gaetz, figurait parmi les personnes sans masque photographiées lors de l’événement. He also set out to make Jersey City the destination of choice, in lieu of the suburbs, for the young urbanites and new families moving from Manhattan. [7] His parents were both born in Romania. Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop has received another endorsement for his re-election bid, this time from the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters. Citi Bike was specifically chosen for Jersey City because it is already used in New York City, so the systems are connected. His father grew up in Israel, was a sniper in the Golani Brigade during the Six-Day War. [33] Fulop also increased the size of the police force from 778 uniformed officers upon assuming office to a projected 840 by June 2014. [69] Speaker of the Polish Senate Stanisław Karczewski criticized the plan to remove the monument, calling it "scandalous".

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